Co-Curricular Activities


AIS includes Co-Curricular activities with the academic curriculum so that students develop skills beyond theoretical knowledge. At AIS, we believe that co-curricular activities promote enthusiasm, vitality, positive thinking and team spirit, which in turn, contribute to personality development and readiness for the future workplace.

Internal Co-curricular activities at AIS

• Annual Art and Science Exhibition
• Annual Winter Festival
• Annual Sports Gala
• Mental Maths Competition
• General Knowledge Competition
• Project Presentations
• Urdu and English Reading
• Urdu and English Writing
• Grand Nazra Assessment

External Co-Curricular Activities at AIS

• Kangaroo Olympiad
• HEC STEM Olympiad
• Brain of Lahore
• CM speech and writing competition

Filed Trips


Trips are another salient feature of AIS. We believe that field trips are means of giving real life learning experience to the students that can't be replicated by reading a book.

Field Trips till 2020

• Murree
• National Heritage Museum Islamabad.
• Rohtas Fort
• Kheora Salt Mines
• Badshahi Mosque
• Lahore Fort
• Botanical Garden
• McDonald's
• Lahore Zoo
• Minar-e-Pakistan
• Joyland
• Sindbad
• Fun Factory Emporium Mall
• Bounce
• Rana Resort
• Changa Manga Forest