Admission Procedure

Step 1: Pick Up Prospectus & Registration Form

Please pick up the prospectus from the Admission Office. The prospectus will have registration from attached in it.

Step 2: Return of Registration form

Please submit completed registration form to the Admission Office and make sure you are given a receipt at the time. Upon registration you will provided with assessment guide line according to appropriate age and level.

Step 3: Document to Submit

Please submit following documents with the form; an application will not be processed without the following documents:
• 3x passport-sized photographs of prospective student (taken within last 2 months)
• A copy of his/her birth certificate
• Copies of both parent’s CNIC
• A copy of school leaving certificate (if applicable)

Step 4: Admission Test

Your child will be invited for an assessment in which he/she will be assessed on academic capabilities as well as his social/emotional behaviour.

Step 5: Decision on Admission

The administration will communicate its decision to you within 7 business days of your child’s assessment test. The test scores and assessment paper will not be shared with the student/Parents/Guardian.

Step 6: Payment upon Admission

If your child if accepted at AIS, you will be issued a challan form by Accounts Office with Admission, Security and other fees. The challan must be paid in a local bank and an office copy must be provided to accounts office.

Step 7: Fee Payment

School fees and other charges shall be paid every month in advance through a local bank. This is payable for all twelve calendar months. The school management reserves the right to revise the fee schedule and all other charges as and when needed but with prior information available at the school accounts department. Normally, the annual fee increase will be 8-15% effective from the new academic year. Defaulting on fee payment may result in a request to remove your child from school until fee are paid in full. You will be reminded by both letter and final telephone call of your duty to pay your child/children’s fee by the last due date before requesting your child/children’s removal.

Please note:

1. The Registration fee is payable at the time of prospectus collection and is non-refundable.
2. Apart from registration fee which is payable in cash, all other chargers for AIS will be billed to parents through bank challan forms and must be paid directly at designated bank.
3. Admission and Security will become payable when the admission is offered to the student.
4. For security refund, parents must give at least one month’s notice for the student’s withdrawal. All monthly tuition fee must be paid in full before the refund.

Age Levels

Class Student Age Levels
Play Group 3+
Nursery 4+
Prep 5+
1 6+
2 7+
3 8+
4 9+
5 10+
6 11+
7 12+
8 13+
9 14+
10 15+

Classes offered at SCIL along with their relevant age ranges are listed below: